Strawberry Smoothie Recipes

These strawberry smoothie recipes are perfect if you’re looking for a delicious healthy strawberry flavoured drink. They’re also a great way to use up some fruit if you have a fair bit that needs to be used.

Fresh strawberries can be pretty expensive so if you’re running low on money then frozen are a great substitute and typically cost a lot less. If you use frozen you will get an extra chilled smoothie too.

The majority of these healthy strawberry smoothie recipes are best made fresh and not kept for longer than a couple of days. You will find after a few days they will not be very enjoyable to drink.

Don’t forget if you have a variation that you would love to share on one of these recipes then please be sure to leave a comment on the recipe. There are just so many variations you can do!

Simply Amazing Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie

This basic strawberry yogurt smoothie will please anyone who absolutely loves strawberries. The best thing about this recipe is that as long as you have a blender, it is super easy to mix up quickly. This smoothie recipe will make enough for just one smoothie or two...

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Strawberry Banana Smoothie

This strawberry banana smoothie is an amazing blend of fruit that results in a tasty yet healthy drink. This smoothie is great for either breakfast or just as a snack. As with every smoothie, you can add your extras to it if you feel like experimenting a little. A lot...

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The amount of variations you can do with strawberries is just crazy. You can have delicious smoothies such as strawberry & banana, strawberry & blueberry and so many more. You can really just create a smoothie that is perfect for what you like and enjoy.

If a protein hit is what you’re after, then don’t be afraid to simply add some of your preferred protein powder into the blender before you blitz everything together.

If you’re looking for something super healthy then green smoothies have been known to really help people lose weight, improve their diet and so much more.

After more than just strawberry smoothie recipes? then be sure to check my full range healthy smoothie recipes. We’re am constantly adding more and more so be sure to check back in the near future.

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